Take a break while taking control July 26-29.

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Here's what you will learn:

  • The simple 2 Minute strategy that helps kids get things done without yelling or constant reminders.
  • ​Why your child’s performance and behavior seem so inconsistent – like why your child can memorize details about their favorite characters but can’t remember to take the trash out on Tuesday.
  • The proven, evidence-based treatment methods parents use to successfully manage their child’s ADHD.
  • ​The life-long devastation that can result from poorly managed ADHD.
  • How traditional approaches could be keeping your child from improving.
  • ​Why giving your child a “To-Do List" doesn't get things done.
  • ​How to prepare (or repair) the relationship with your child for the changes to come.
  • Plus so much more!
Most parents report the stress level in their home decreased by 50% the first week they used these techniques!

Get the tools and encouragement you need right now. 

Not only are we offering our $249 Break from Chaos Series for only $99, we are including these three bonuses:

Bonus #1: A co-parent or secondary caregiver attends for free with your paid registration (a $249 value)
Bonus #2: Comprehensive ADHD Management Assessment Planner (a $79 value)
Bonus #3: Break From Chaos Workbook (a $49 value)

You can manage ADHD and we’ll show you how. Enroll today!

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What parents are saying:

This is what we needed all along.

Julie describes what it was like before coaching and how quickly their lives improved after becoming Chaos Free Parents.

The tools are effective.

Chaos Free ADHD certainly gave us a better viewpoint and an expanded toolkit to work with our daughter on her ADHD-related issues. We see definite improvements in our daughters task initiation and completion as well as our approach to resolving issues. The various tools/worksheets provided are very effective in relieving some of the frustration we can often feel as parents when we try to address issues with our daughter. Working with our coach gave us some good analogies to understand how our daughter's brain works and why it can be difficult for her to initiate and focus on tasks. More concretely, we have made a conscious change to look at processes and prioritization together and work with our daughter on incremental improvements to make an impact. 

Steve T. 
Chaos Free Parent | Texas

Mary helped bring peace back.

Prior to our ADHD coaching life was a bit chaotic. We had read how to handle an ADHD child but putting it into practice was exhausting, and often not effective. Working with Mary helped us to fully understand how ADHD is working in our child’s brain and allowed us to see things from his side. This helped to give us extra patience, and along with her techniques, we were able to bring some peace back to our family. She armed us with the correct words & actions to help our son.

Chaos Free Parent | Texas

My husband and I often say "What would Mary say right now?"

Our lives now are much more calm. Much less egg shell walking. Our kids are getting along better, and my husband and I often say to each other “what would Mary say right now” which calms our frustration, clears our minds and allows us to use the tools she’s armed us with to handle the situation properly."

Chaos Free Parent | Texas

It's a happier household

It's so amazing that we found Mary. She is a perfect fit for our family. She's changed a lot of things in our lives. It's just a happier household. You are literally applying these strategies in your life and you can see you're making changes. It's worth every penny. It's worth your time. As soon as your child is diagnosed, I think it would be in every parent's best interest to work with Mary, before it reaches the boiling point where you're screaming and you're yelling and you've a lost a part of yourself and you're not happy with the way that you're even dealing with it. It's strategies and different ways of learning and thinking and being able to deal with your child in the household so it is a peaceful, happy environment. 

Lisa P.
Chaos Free Parent | Texas

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